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Pensions Disclosure


Background to the disclosure 

The Church is an employer participating in a pension scheme known as the Baptist Pension Scheme (“the Scheme”), which is administered by the Pension Trustee (Baptist Pension Trust Limited).  The Scheme is a separate legal entity and the assets of the Scheme are held separately from those of the Employer and the other participating employers.

For any month, each participating employer in the Scheme pays contributions as set out in the Schedule of Contributions in force at that time.

The Scheme is considered to be a multi-employer scheme as described in Section 28 of FRS 102. This is because it is not possible to attribute the Scheme’s assets and liabilities to specific employers and means that contributions are accounted for as if the Scheme were a defined contribution scheme.  The pensions costs charged to the SoFA in the year are contributions payable towards benefits and expenses accrued in that year, plus any impact of deficiency contributions (see below).

The Ministers and paid members of church staff are eligible to join the Scheme.

From January 2012, pension provision is being made through the Defined Contribution (DC) Plan within the Scheme. In general, members pay 8% of their Pensionable Income and employers pay 6% of members’ Pensionable Income into individual pension accounts, which are operated and managed on behalf of the Pension Trustee by Legal and General Life Assurance Society Limited. In addition, the employer pays a further 4% of Pensionable Income to cover Death in Service Benefits, administration costs, and an associated insurance policy which provides income protection for Scheme members in the event that they are unable to work due to long-term incapacity. This income protection policy has been insured by the Baptist Union of Great Britain with Unum Limited. [Members of the Basic Section pay reduced contributions of 5% of Pensionable Income, and their employers also pay a total of 5%.] The further 4% contribution rate is reduced to 3% for Employer contributions made to the Segregated DC Arrangement.                            

Benefits in respect of service prior to 1 January 2012 are provided through the Defined Benefit (DB) Plan within the Scheme.  The main benefits for pre-2012 service were a defined benefit pension of one eightieth of Final Minimum Pensionable Income for each year of Pensionable Service, together with additional pension in respect of premiums paid on Pensionable Income in excess of Minimum Pensionable Income.  The Scheme, previously known as the Baptist Ministers’ Pension Fund, started in 1925, but was closed to future accrual of defined benefits on 31 December 2011."                                                                                                                                                            

Actuarial valuation as at 31 December 2016

A formal valuation of the Defined Benefit (DB) Plan was performed at 31 December 2016 by a professionally qualified Actuary using the Projected Unit Method. The market value of the DB Plan assets at the valuation date was £219 million.

The valuation of the DB Plan revealed a deficit of assets compared with the value of liabilities of £93 million (equivalent to a past service funding level of 70%).  The Church and the other employers supporting the DB Plan are collectively responsible for funding this deficit.

The key assumptions underlying the valuation were as follows:

Type of financial assumption %

Type of financial assumption   % pa
RPI price inflation assumption   3.50
CPI price inflation assumption   2.75
Minimum Pensionable Income increases   3.50 (CPI plus 0.75%)
Assumed investment returns:    
Pre-retirement   3.50
Post-retirement   2.25
Pre April 2009   3.50
Post April 2009   2.50
Pension Increases:    
Main Scheme pension Pre April 2006   2.70
Main Scheme pension Post April 2006   2.00


Post–retirement mortality in accordance with 75% of the S2NFA and S2NMA tables, with allowance for future improvements in mortality rates from 2007 in line with the CMI 2016 core projections, with a long term annual rate of improvement of 1.75% for males and 1.5% for females.

The next actuarial valuation of the DB Plan within the Scheme is due to take place not later than as at 31 December 2019.

Recovery Plan

In addition to the contributions to the DC Plan set out above, where a valuation of the DB Plan reveals a deficit the Trustee and the Council agree to a rate of deficiency contributions from churches and other employers involved in the DB Plan.

Under the current Recovery Plan dated 13 April 2018, deficiency contributions are payable until 31 December 2028. These contributions are broadly based on the employer's membership at 31 December 2014 and increase annually in line with increases to Minimum Pensionable Income as defined in the Rules