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Our Past

The history of our church starts in 1775 when a meeting of Dissenters (Non-conformists) was started in a cottage on the site where the current church stands.     In 1786 a small chapel was erected next to the cottage.  The present church was built in 1817.

The church erected in 1817 and the replacement church hall, built by members in the 1980's.

2017 was the bicentenary of the building of the church and to commemorate this a booklet was produced (and is still available) highlighting various episodes from the intervening years.   The following are some of the sections.

In April 1851 an article was published in the "Gospel Herald" giving details of the persecution the original members suffered and the growth of the church.  In  July 1892 this article was reprinted as a pamphlet for "The Centenary of the opening of the Chapel", but the dates don't tie up.    A copy of this pamphlet is displayed in the church.   It does not reproduce clearly so a transcript is attached. 

The history of the Dormansland and Edenbridge  churches was interlinked in those early days as will be seen from the extract "A History of Edenbridge Baptist Church" attached*.

An early photo exists of the current church and the original cottage beside it.

 Ted Ellis, the local artist and friend of the church,  produced a series of pictorial illustrations*  showing various events in the life of the church from its founding to the end of the 20th century and the events in Britain and Europe at the time.   For many years these were displayed round the gallery of the church.   

More recent history is found in the recollections of one of our members, who has been at the church all his life.

In recent years the interior of the church has been updated with the replacement of the pews with chairs, making the church itself more usable to meet the needs of our current activities.

*  Use with permission